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Research Diary #6

Relevant quotes from Michel de Certeau’s book from 1984 called The practice of Everyday Life

“The voyeur-god created by this fiction, who, like Schreber’s God, knows only cadavers, must disentangle himself from the murky intertwining daily behaviours and make himself alien to them.” I can see myself alienated towards England as I’m not English-born, but because I have been living in the UK for a long period of time, returning to Denmark brings alienated moments with it, that therefore allows me to explore these differences and habited behaviours as an outsider looking in.

The walking part of my project starts with footsteps, which by their intertwined paths give their shape to spaces which makes up a city (p.97)

Michel de Certeau goes on taking about the term Trajectories which is ‘a chosen or taken course’. We chose the paths, we as pedestrians are walking on, on what side and how fast we want to walk, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. The unconscious choices we make are the key to my study of social behaviour and cultural differences. The layout of the urban city influences the pedestrians choices and will also be part of my research and final project.