Research Diary #4

First test-run of the equipment has now been done when I went to London this week. The equipment worked but I found that London is too metropolitan and too many tourist for my project to work in practice. I managed to walk on the right hand side at all times, but so did the people in my company.

The test was therefore unsuccessful as I didn’t get to explore people’s walking patterns or interact with people for walking on the ‘wrong’ side of a confined space. I also found London is huge and not many confined spaces if available to explore. On the footage there is a clicking sound throughout the clip and I still haven’t located what caused it, but I was caring a lot of luggage in the time of recording which I will not do at the time of recording for project.

I will therefore have to lent out the equipment again to try out my idea in another and less multicultural city in England. Bristol or Bath could be potentials.

Furthermore, I also discovered that there might be long stretches without any interactions from the public if I have to walk for ten minutes without doing any edits and shooting it in a loop. Therefore I might be forced to edit and lose some of the authenticity. An idea would be to, if I have to edit, having similar places for a two-minute slot on both screens, for example bus/train stations, supermarkets, town centres, roundabouts, etc. Thereafter a black screen for a couple of seconds and then pick up on another place. I would lose some strength but might be necessary to complete the practical task of the assignment.



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