Research Diary #3

Iain Sinclair – Psychogeography maker

Works mostly in and around London and the work that interests me is his work from 2002 called ‘London Orbital’. First published as a book and later on, reconstructed as a documentary film, which is what I’m aiming for in my own project. Taking an observation and turning it into film-based theory or documentation.

‘I take a walk every morning. It’s opening up your system to the world, charging circuits to be able to write’ – Iain Sinclair (

About ‘London Orbital’ Iain Sinclair explains: “I felt quite strongly that with the kind of complicated dense fictions that I’d been writing, there was no place for them in the market. Lights Out for the Territory, which was centred on walks and explorations within London, had been much more successful. I needed to do another book which appeared to be a documentary but went off in other directions. One day when I was out walking up the River Lea to the point where it hit the M25 at Waltham Abbey, I thought this is it. This is the future England. London itself, by being completely enclosed in a motorway, has become a kind of concrete island. The obvious space to explore is this, with this pilgrim journey. It’s a book you can describe in a single sentence — a walk around the M25 — so everything clicked into place. Once I’d taken that decision, the book was there waiting to be written.” through this website.

It’s a visionary film about the M25. A road movie (literally) and a cinematic excursion into the difference between driving and walking, film and tape, time and memory, sound and image. Also a look at covert arms deals, Essex gangsters, drug dealing and Thatcher and Pinochet as vampire-lovers.

The full review can be read on this page as a film or as a book review from The Guardian



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