Research Diary #2

Newest ideas for the practical work of my project.

The finished films, one from both countries, are going to run on-screen simultaneously – probably one above the other. I will attempt to shoot the footage with the same finish/start line so the film can loop and be endless, referring to the endless strolls by Guy Debord.

I have also completed my workshop with GoPro cameras and can now start the more practical side of my project. I’ll need to have a chest mount with me, underneath a jacket, partly hidden preferably, so the public will not react to my camera but to my position on the street.

I’m going to London this week where I’ll try out the equipment and see if the whole experiment works. I’m aware that in a big metropolitan city there will be more bumping in to each other and contact, especially if your on the tube, but I hope this can work as a test for my final project.




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