After tutorials on Monday, the idea has taken a slight turn, hopefully for the better.

As a foreign in England I’m still going to walk the streets of a city always going right as we would in Denmark, but because I’m now so well-integrated into the English culture I equally find it difficult to come back to Denmark and walk the streets. I will therefore attempt to walk the street of a Danish city with an English mind which will be in the left side. I will record the two clips with a GoPro camera (which I still need to have a workshop in, in order to borrow those types of camera) and have then running simultaneously on the same screen.

I will attempt not to edit but have them as one-take-footage to gather the material as raw as possible with 10-15 minutes videos. This project is about the psychological side of walking the streets and the unawareness of the natural navigational options human choses based on their cultural background.  In addition to the psychological side, I will most likely bump into a lot of people on my way as I will walk in the wrong side. My project is partly based upon that to see how people react, if they apologies, smiles awkwardly or just continue walking. This with enhance my study of two different cultures. I have to choose two ‘same size’ cities to get the best comparison.

That’s why the GoPro camera is crucial so people, hopefully are unaware of the fact they are being filmed and interact naturally.

I hope to do the workshop in GoPro in the beginning of next week to start testing out if the project is doable and crucially that I walk into people on my way. Furthermore, I need to carefully plan my 10-15 minute walk to make sure I walk where and when people are around and I therefore need to know a little about the cities/towns.


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